svarmony Brand Assets

Want to show the world, that you are collaborating with svarmony?

Then you came to the right place.


If you want to add the svarmony Logo on your website or any other press and marketing related assets, please find below a media kit with all the assets you need.

Besides that, please keep in mind the following, when our logo is applied:

Please make sure to leave enough clear space around the logo.

How to use the svarmony logo
Left: Horizontal version Right: Vertical version

You will find several versions of the logo attached:

A horizontal version

This is the primary version to use

A vertical version

The vertical logo can be used whenever the horizontal logo is interfering with the format or when it is more visually pleasing.
For example in a very narrow format.

Besides you will find our logo in a black and white version to support a variety of background colors.