Digital product launch for Automotive

What is a digital product launch?

Why launch your cars in front of a small amount of people when you can share the experience with literally every car lover around the globe? A digital product launch means visualizing the digital twin of a car model in real-life locations with absolutely no effort on logistics. All features, possible designs and scales will be realistically showcased all in one and help to understand the vehicle in all its facets. The best part? Users can experience the cars on their own, discover all the details and receive clever explanations on complex topics – the most convincing way to simplify a buying decision.

Your Benefits

  • Visualization of multiple products
    or the whole product range

  • Increase of customer reach

  • More brand awareness

  • Product presentation available 24/7

  • New customer experience, where products can be
    discovered by users in the comfort of their home

  • Inclusion of all technical features and details

  • Adaptation to specific markets

  • A highlight at every Event

Check out this product launch for Porsche!

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