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AR-based indoor navigation.

You want a stable, accurate and user-friendly navigation solution for your business? Here you go! GPS has definitely changed the way we move around and explore the world. But AR-based navigation solutions offer numerous benefits, especially in the indoor space. svybe combines them all.

We configure svybe according to your individual requirements - perfectly customized for you and your target group!

next level

Super flexibel! svybe ist ein maximal konfigurierbares System, individuell zugeschnitten auf jede spezifische Anforderung.

Technical features

Immersive, interactive, intelligent

Optimized user experience through more intuitive, interactive operation, significantly higher accuracy and exceptional stability: The integration of AR makes it possible to extend the space with interactive elements: a virtual guide can be integrated, enabling immediate, precise step-by-step navigation in the real environment. Virtual sales floors, long-term, specific evaluation of customer data, 3D product presentations, real-time reaction monitoring … the benefits of AR-based navigation are as manifold as its possible applications.


Super accurate

svybe is the only solution on the market so far that offers navigation without GPS or other hardware (bacons, WLAN, etc.). In addition, svybe enables much higher accuracy for point-to-point navigation with centimeter precision. In outdoor navigation, svybe is also GPS and hybrid capable.

Single source

svybe is available out of the box as a branded or white label solution and works completely without third-party providers. Through a server-based, local positioning, svybe guarantees you full data control and, in addition, long-term, specific evaluation options (e.g. customer flows, real-time reaction on offer, use of digital coupons, etc.).

From attention
to action

All you need … is peace, love and svarmony! That’s why you get everything from one source: product, implementation and content creation.

Due to the low maintenance effort and the close-meshed support we can offer you attractive and maximally transparent cost models.

Feel the sybe. svybe bietet dir eine state-of-the-art Navigationslösung, die perfekt auf dich und deine Kund:innen zugeschnitten ist.

Tech it easy

svybe opens up a whole world of new possibilities. With faster information exchange, more customer centricity, more beautiful details. A powerful system that is completely simple for you to use.  The future is that simple! Get in touch to talk tech.

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Technical features
in short

  • Flexible 2-level CMS with variable rights management
  • GPS / Hybrid capability for outdoor navigation
  • Stores can share or upload content on virtual billboards
  • 100% control over building data (local servers or cloud)
  • All servers with Qubernetes are compatible
  • Collection of user data (DSGVO-compliant), long-term analyses possible
  • High precision point to point navigation
  • Retail-specific APIs can be connected
  • Additional modules can be integrated or built in parallel

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