Airbus Cloudcombat

The Instigation

Visualizing what seems impossible: As part of the Non-Traditional Player Initiative, Airbus wanted a drone operations management platform – virtual and cloud-based.

The aim? To visualize future elements of air combat that do not yet exist – a real look into the future, you could say. To design such a technology, we worked with the aerospace pioneer and cloud provider Cloud Arat to develop an Augmented Reality solution that uses HoloLens and HoloTable to bring the simulations to life firsthand.

The Conclusion

Welcome to the Drone Zone

See the future today: Airbus Cloudcombat is the innovative combination of Augmented Reality application and intelligent cloud.

These two approaches combined could make monitoring real drone operations remotely in an AR environment an everyday reality in the future. Once the HoloLens is set up, the various data of the drone mission is superimposed on and around the HoloTable. The HoloTable thus becomes a digital theater of operations with which different users can interact simultaneously. Welcome to the Drone Zone! In this way, not only are the benefits of the pioneering air combat system visualized, but Airbus employees themselves become an active part of the visionary experience. Various executions and actions can thus be performed on the HoloTable itself. Pure efficiency!