Heineken Virtual Bar

The Instigation


An innovative online campaign – that’s what Heineken wanted to achieve in China yielding a different kind of customer experience that was to  be entertaining and unforgettable while the world-famous beer was to be always paramount. The perfect stage for Virtual Reality.

In order to create such an experience, we teamed up with the Sixtoes agency. Together we developed a virtual treasure hunt that would enlist users into an active part of the campaign and immerse them fully in the green world of Heineken and its globally successful beer.

The Conclusion


Honey gets you flies and beer will get you beer lovers

Welcome to the Heineken Virtual Bar!

The Heineken Virtual Bar is a webVR so it can be experienced online without downloading an additional app that transports the user into the Heineken dimension, a completely new customer experience fully based on the brand’s unique design language. The virtual beer is delicious, the atmosphere is terrific and exciting surprises are waiting for bar visitors everywhere. In a virtual treasure hunt users go in search for star patterns based on the Heineken logo. Once all of these have been found they can be exchanged for a discount code for a unique Heineken bottle edition. And that’s how you translate a part of the virtual experience into the costumer’s reality – Cheers!