Linde Visualization


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The Instigation


How do you demonstrate large industrial freezers to customers without costly and time-consuming transport costs?

This tricky question was posed by the Linde Group as part of its sales strategy. But even though the question was tricky, the answer was simple: With Augmented Realit

Based on Linde’s request, we developed an AR app that is able to visualize and present the product anytime and anywhere with the help of the smartphone – a product presentation that is not easily forgotten.

The Conclusion

Great made compact.

What’s the point of imagination when you have AR?

With the FreezAR app, Linde now has a tool at hand to demonstrate large industrial freezers directly to the customer in AR – true to reality and including all its features.

The Augmented Reality app highlights everything that sets Linde industrial freezers apart from the competition: The X-Ray function provides a fascinating look into the technical inner workings of the devices, animations and other multimedia content display all the key data of the Linde Group products. The app recognizes the spatial environment and can determine whether the appliance fits the space. What a smartass app!