Media Markt Indoor Navigation

The Instigation


No more long searches! Freely following this motto, the electronics retail chain MediaMarkt wanted a digital solution for its store in Ingolstadt in the form of an innovative AR application that is quick and easy to use.

We developed an interactive customer experience that focuses on both optimal navigation through the store and acceleration of sales processes. A case for an intelligent indoor navigation app.

The Conclusion

Navigation at its best!

Straight to your destination with a glance at your smartphone: MediaMarkt Store Navigation makes the next visit to the Ingolstadt store far more interactive – and also more attractive!

Within the app, customers can prefer the product they are looking for and then start the navigation. Efficiency through AR: The app locates where customers are and shows them the fastest route using virtual arrows on the floor that lead directly to the desired products or to the checkout, thus accelerating the shopping process in the name of digital progress.