Monheim City Guide

The Instigation


Monheim is a city full of fascinating monuments and wanted to turn the tourism industry completely upside down.

More and more visitors should enjoy the flair of Monheim and experience the city in all its glory – an interactive AR city tour was needed.

The app was supposed to give tourists an insight into Monheim’s history, guide them through town and present them the most beautiful places – always entertaining, always interactive.

The Conclusion

Like a Goose

It’s Monheim in an app!

With a simple download of the Monheim AR city tour app, the unforgettable AR adventure starts leading curious tourists to the most exciting sights of the city – in the most engaging way.

A glance through the smartphone camera reveals all the amazing facts and 3D objects that remain hidden from the normal eye. 360° images, animations, textual explanations and virtual directional arrows transform Monheim AR city tour into a completely new vacation experience.

Even the heraldic animal, the goose, has found its way into the app as an interactive city guide that navigates users through the alleys. Goosebumps feeling!

Visitors embark on their personal tour through the various stations and individually discover Mannheim in a digital way.