Nokia Superbowl Navigation


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The Instigation


Kick-off time!

Once a year, the biggest sporting event of the year thrills football fans all around the world – but especially those lucky few who were able to get tickets.

To make this stadium experience even more world-class, we developed a demo that was presented to various NFL sponsors, including Nokia, to show how AR can revolutionize the sporting highlights of the year.

A Superbowl in a class of its own.

The Conclusion

Find it!

Keeping track: AR Wayfinding is an indoor navigation system that supports visitors in every aspect of their stadium stay.

While animated signposts guide football fans to their seats quickly and easily, the rest of the app’s features provide them with food, drinks and anything else their hearts desire.

Once the app is launched, users are shown all the important information via the camera view of their mobile device: The way to the pitch, to the toilets, all the way to the emergency exits – getting lost in the stadium thus becomes an impossibility.

Users can also order food and drinks directly to their seat or network with other users.

The Superbowl 2.0, so to speak.