Porsche Digital Brand Academy

The Instigation


One company with thousands of employees many of whom newly hired and others who have been part of the brand for decades. How do you bring all of these groups together?

Porsche solved this challenge with a digital solution. The newly hired Porsche employees, of course had no direct experience to the Porsche brand while the established employees wondered what the future would hold. Porsche requested an easily accessible and highly entertaining digital brand training and onboarding tool about the company’s values.


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The Conclusion

Buckle up and discover Porsche on your smartphone!

The Porsche Brand Academy, a first-to-market web-app, is a virtual time travel through the company’s history.

As a webAR application the Brand Academy can be easily experienced in the browser as it unites all employees around the globe in one app. An avatar welcomes the users of the web app and navigates through three chapters of the company’s history and future. The avatar’s clothes are those of  a Porsche employee, at his place of work constructing the automobile’s body. He welcomes the users and guides them along numerous animated Porsche destinations including the company’s history ending with a vision of the future. Together, avatar and users explore the Porsche world and learn about the company’s values in a quiz and even get behind the virtual wheel of a car for a lifelike test drive. Porsche employees can discover all this and much more easily with their smartphone. The innovative Digital Porsche Brand Academy onboarding, is the new, entertaining type of brand training the world has been waiting for.