Porsche Mission E - Tribute to tomorrow


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The Instigation


Welcome to the future: The Porsche Mission E is the brand’s first purely electrically powered sports car, a concept of pioneering technology that deserves to be introduced to market by equally pioneering Augmented Reality.

To match Porsche’s high technology we developed a brand experience that makes the inspiring concept study go viral. The vehicle and all its stunning features shouldn’t have to be actively sought out but should move directly to the customers themselves.

The Conclusion


Mission possible! You don’t need to be a fortune teller to take a look into the future: A simple download of the Mission E Augmented Reality app brings tomorrow’s technology to life today.

One app permits a costumer to park the car or take an exciting digital test drive without risking a ticket. Meanwhile, in the Explore mode visualization of complex issues such as aerodynamics and battery technology are made easy-to-understand.