AR Avatar

How to be present - even when you are not there.

Create your digital alter ego!


AR Avatar come in all forms and shapes. The Augmented Reality experience gives every brand a face by creating a unique brand ambassador that interacts with the user in their own environment. Animated 3D Avatars react on the users actions with specific gestures, mimics, moods or continues the dialogue based on the given answers. AR Avatars are a great chance for applications, websites, the next marketing campaign and many more to transport brand values, educate employees or simply entertain customers.

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Use Cases

  • Marketing

  • Training tool for employees

  • Sales and Advertising

  • Education tool

  • Customer Support

  • Upgrade of Customer Journey

  • Communication tool

  • Onboarding


  • An eye-catcher on the European market
  • Entertaining interaction possibilities
  • Realistic and detailed reactions
  • More customer engagement
  • More brand awareness
  • Easy presentation of your company
  • Great storytelling opportunities
  • Explanations and support for your customers

Your opportunities

AR Avatars stand for individualisation. You decide if you want to base your Avatar on a real person or create a completely new and fictional character. Other features and actions like Chatbots, custom 3D environments or even the opportunity to take a quiz with the Avatar can be added to create an experience tailored for your needs.

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