AR Cards

Greetings from the future

Bring your corporate greeting cards to life!

AR Cards reach everyone, everywhere, anytime and for any occasion. Each virtual greeting card contains a range of multimedia content such as 3D animations, videos and sound effects that turn any message into a spectacular greeting from the virtual world. Cost-efficient, sustainable and absolutely unique.

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Use Cases

  • Seasonal and specific occasions such as anniversaries and launches

  • Events, such as fairs and conferences

  • Business presentations


  • Enhanced marketing touchpoints through multimedia, 3D and gamification
  • Enhances customer engagement through brand-customer integration. AR experience can
    be constantly updated for long-term engagement
  • Fast and cost-effective: delivery within 3 weeks, no app download, simply on the web
  • Easily extend marketing strategy with AR cards

Your opportunities

Possibility to include multiple multimedia content per card

  • 3d animations and Videos
  • Visualizations, data, etc
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Personal branding

With an individualized avatar, the storytelling for your very personal greeting can be expanded and tailored to your needs. You decide what your avatar will look like. Perhaps you’ll even create a mascot for your brand…