AR Cards

Innovative Greetings - from paper to digital!

Bring life to your cards!

AR Cards help you make an impact when you connect with your audience. This solution is a cost-effective way for brands to create meaningful engagement, regardless of audience location and language. Each card contains a range of multimedia content that enhances events like holiday celebrations, anniversaries, launches, conferences, presentations and more. Not just during the events themselves, but long into the future.

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Use Cases

  • Seasonal companies celebrations such as Christmas, New years, Easter

  • Specific Celebrations such as anniversaries and Launches

  • Events, such as fairs and conferences

  • Business presentations


  • Creates impactful experiences by augmenting marketing touchpoints with multimedia, 3D content and gamification possibilities.
  • Pushes the limits and scale of customer interaction with your brand beyond an event, experience, or the physical card itself. These interactions can be altered and updated to create long-term engagement.
  • Cost-efficient and fast delivery within three weeks of request. Easy to use without technology knowledge or app installation.
  • Easy to integrate into, or extend, existing marketing strategies.

Your opportunities

Possibility to include multiple multimedia content per card

  • 3d animations and Videos
  • Visualizations, data, etc
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Enhance your brand’s storytelling and human connection by delivering a personal message to your clients, customers or employees with an avatar. You choose the ideal character to represent your company.