AR City Guide

Get your private tour - whenever you want.

Travelling goes digital!


The AR City Guide reduces the complicated tour options and excessive planning that put a damper on memorable travel experiences. By integrating digital information and visualisations into tours and destinations, this solution ensures your visitors are excited when they arrive and don’t miss any highlights. From historical locations, to monuments and landmarks, to entire cities, it provides smart guidance. With AR City Guide, you and visitors can create customised experiences that scale seamlessly from individual walk-abouts to large group tours.

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Use Cases

  • Historical Locations

  • Cities, towns, villages

  • Monument sites and Landmarks


  • Efficiently personalises tours and experiences by integrating visitors’ wishes into recommendations, as well as providing individualised information for travel and multiple tour configurations.
  • Activates new kinds of visitor interactions with cities by bringing past, present and future to life; as well as visualising stories with multimedia content, or information hidden underground, inside walls or old structures.
  • Improves city experiences with reliable city guides that are available 24/7.
  • Works effectively for individual and group tours. Scales easily to the number of tours and languages required.
  • Allows visitors to choose type of mobility.
  • Differentiates tours and destinations as innovative to younger audiences with personalised experiences available on mobile technology.

Your Opportunities

  • Integration of multimedia content
    • Explanatory visualizations, videos and animations
    • AR hologram videos
  • Interactive media stations
  • 3d reconstructions and animations
  • Virtual augmented arrows and guide for navigation
  • Language support
  • Data Tracking to improve guidance
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Customise your own avatar to guide visitors through your unique experience.

Benefits include:

  • enhanced storytelling possibilities with chat bots and other conversational interactions.
  • targeted avatars. Adults can be guided by historical figures or famous characters, while children can be guided by animals or fantastic creatures.
  • readiness for AR glasses, which frees up visitors’ hands.