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This is why we buzz...

Did anybody say future?

Can you imagine any future scenario in which staring at a screen will be considered the latest shit? Neither can we. That’s why we don’t sell screens. It seems equally unlikely that we’ll go on short-term weekend trips to Mars (not any time soon, that is). That’s why we don’t sell rocket engines either.

We put all our energy and expertise in the present instead. Because the present is the kind of future that’s happening right now. With all its gradual, vital adjustments and exciting advances.

Thus, what the future will look like depends on how much diligence and ambition we are willing to invest in the present.

Just imagine all the possibilities!

Being able to imagine things is part of the standard equipment of human nature. Without imagination the whole digital revolution story can’t be told. Imagination is the key to technical progress or inventions like extended reality, to any future vision.

There’s an important link between nature and technology, between natural and artificial intelligence. And we can learn a lesson from it.

Like from a swarm.

A swarm? Like a swarm of bees or something?

For example! A swarm is an efficient unity, a completed manifestation of aesthetics, intelligence and precision.

A swarm is constantly meshing with all its inner parts to keep the perfect balance. It can only exist if each part of the system keeps aligning with the others, so its inner motivation and its goal at once and at any time has to be: harmony.

svarmony - about us

Harmony? Like in peace, love and harmony?


Because harmony is much more than just a pleasant state.

It’s a condition for a good workflow.

It’s a method to bring things and people together.

It’s the most natural state of being.

You could call it the “factory setting” of every human being and therefore of every collective transaction. You see: it’s all about harmony!

Because harmony is much more than just a pleasant state