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Let us introduce you to the world of boundless XR experiences!

Augmented reality is the future of brand communication. We’re here to offer you the most stable products and the most sustainable solutions:

As a unique service provider on the market, we represent the entire service chain in the field of AR. We have a great overview of the market situation, future-forward trends and synergies. svarmony specializes in the development of AR-based indoor and outdoor navigation systems as well as the corresponding services and extensive scalable XR solutions.

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These are just some of the great benefits of AR:

  • increase brand awareness
  • strengthen customer loyalty
  • create customized product experiences
  • design memorable customer journeys
  • transform marketing and sales
  • optimize up- and crosselling
  • accelerate sales cycles
  • push business growth

We prepare your brand for the future!

We have years of experience, we offer customer-driven agility and commit to a progressive product focus. So, yes, we’re spatial.

No matter what industry you’re from: with AR, you’ll be able to add the greatest value possible to your product and to your business. To your idea, really. As one of the world’s leading tech enablers for XR experiences, we help you discover, innovate and effectively apply the fascinating possibilities of immersive future technologies.

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We’re spatial

This is what we offer you:

  • consulting

  • conception

  • implementation

  • roll out

We upgrade your perception

Without imagination the whole digital revolution story can’t be told. Imagination is the key to technical progress or inventions like extended reality, to any future vision.





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