An unforgettable product experience and real brand love

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Design and style? Complex technical features? Functions not visible at first glance? visualizer brings any product to life in full detail and in any environment. All you need is your smartphone camera and a corresponding app – or an additional device such as AR glasses, also known as smartglasses, which enrich our perception of reality with additional digital information. Even complicated applications can be vividly explained with this ingenious solution. visualizer is even equipped to offer valuable help in making purchase decision.

Nothing but state-of-the-art: AR has taken brand bonding to a new level. Smaller presentation and sales areas, resource-saving logistics, valuable time saving: visualizer optimizes processes and creates target-group-specific and emotional customer experiences that will be remembered.

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Use cases

  • Visualization of automotive industry models

  • Medical and healthcare products

  • Home appliances

  • Heavy machinery industry

  • Furniture and interior design

  • Construction industry products


  • Visualization of objects, stores, houses, events and products not yet produced
  • Strengthen brand engagement through new customer interaction
  • Easily scalable and customizable for any product promotion
  • Improved productivity by shortening the sales cycle and integrating with sales and support
  • Realistic presentation of product portfolios in real spaces
  • Virtual product presentation with functional and vivid visualization