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Augmented Reality Agency

svarmony is one of the leading companies for Extended Reality (XR) Experiences in Europe. As an agency, tech enabler and AR provider, we combine the best of all worlds of innovative technologies.

And this at three locations in the heart of Europe:

  • AR Berlin
  • AR Munich
  • AR Vienna

But what exactly does an AR agency do?

There are many types of AR agencies. Not surprising in an industry that knows hardly any boundaries. But not all agencies offer the same. svarmony, for example, covers the entire spectrum of holistic XR services, from strategy to idea and concept to roll-out. Above all, we have specialized in Augmented Reality.

This includes both native AR apps and webAR solutions. That means, on the one hand, we develop standalone apps that offer a variety of features to showcase products or services:

  • Color Configurators
  • Insights into the technical processes thanks to X-Ray vision
  • A digital catalog thanks to a selection of different products
  • and many more…

And on the other hand, webAR apps that only work via the browser. Although webAR does not exclude certain functions, it is not always able to implement them in combination so far. The big advantage of webAR? All it takes is a link or a QR code (and the most important prerequisite: a stable internet connection) Because the technology works online and completely without an extra app. Ergo, one hurdle less!

Porsche AR Visualizer

Why is it important to specialize in one field?

We all know and love them (not): Supposed kebab restaurants that offer pizza, sushi and the supposedly best schnitzel in town. Likewise, we all know that none of it tastes anywhere near as good as in a genuine schnitzel restaurant or an authentic Italian pizzeria. It’s the same in the realm of Extended Reality:

The industry is too up-to-the-minute and the developments too fast-moving to actually be able to specialize in all areas. Every day there is news about AR, VR, MR or the Metaverse. Daily updates on technologies. The industry is one of the fastest growing and most forward-looking industries around, and if you want to stay on the ball, you need to set a focus.

That’s why, we as svarmony specialized in AR and boast ourselves as an Augmented Reality agency ever since. Because we are really good at what we do and don’t want to be a kebab-sushi-schnitzel-pizzeria.

AR Agentur Zeiss

How is it different from a Virtual Reality agency?

Virtual Reality agencies deal with projects that play completely in other dimensions and have no relation to the real environment. However, there are many differences here as well – unsurprising for an agency division that can simply create virtual worlds at will.

For example, there are:

  •  VR agencies for VR app development that create a custom-created digital world and package it into an app so that anyone can immerse themselves in virtual worlds.
  • VR agencies that specialize in 360° videos and use special panoramic cameras to create immersive experiences of real places. This way, you can experience places realistically without actually being there. Digital travel, so to speak. But also ideal for exhibition locations, apartment tours, etc.
  • VR equipment experts, i.e. service and support. These agencies do not develop apps, but lend out the associated must-haves such as VR glasses or headsets. They support the app operators, act on site at trade shows or in stores, and explain to customers how they can best experience the VR world.
VR Agentur

We, on the other hand, expand your reality without any extra equipment. All you need is a smartphone and a determination to get one step closer to the future.

Do you want to know more? Contact us.

About svarmony

Love, Peace and svarmony!

svarmony is one of the leading companies for XR Experiences in Europe.
Sascha Kiener, renowned expert and visionary for Extended Reality, formed the agency for creative tech solutions in 2021 with the merger of the successful AR providers Augmentaio and At its locations in Berlin, Munich and Vienna, more than 50 experts work for global brands such as Porsche, Konica Minolta, Carl Zeiss, Nokia, Media Markt, Siemens and Vorwerk.

The portfolio of svarmony covers the entire spectrum of holistic XR Experiences, from strategy to idea and conception to roll-out. The agency’s projects and developments regularly win major international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award or the iF Design Award.

svarmony AR Agentur