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We are your agency for creative tech solutions.

svarmony is one of the leading companies for XR Experiences in Europe.

More than 50 experts work for global brands in Berlin, Munich and Vienna, while everything in the svarmony lab focuses on the development of our own products. Here, progressive solutions and innovative products for the future of XR are emerged from experimental projects. Our portfolio covers the entire spectrum of holistic XR experiences, from strategy to idea and concept to roll-out.

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But we were not always svarmony: we used to be known as Augmentaio...

… and

We have merged both agencies and now, with over ten years of experience and double the power, we are specialized in virtual experiences like Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality and have always broadened our focus: Recently, we have started to focus on intelligent AR navigation. With the help of Augmented Reality, all users can reach their destination safely and as easily as possible. So no one gets lost – not even in the colorful hustle and bustle of Munich, when Marienplatz is once again teeming with tourists and Theresienwiese invites people from all over the world to the Oktoberfest.

As a unique Augmented Reality service provider on the market, we map the entire service chain in the area of XR with svarmony. This includes:

  • Consulting
  • Concept
  • Creation
  • Technical implementation
  • Roll-out

For us, there are no challenges. There are only visions. And svarmony is the place where visions meet solutions.

We support companies in staying up-to-date and preparing for a digital future. Not to get lost in the constant competition for new innovations and, for once, to really become higher, faster and better. In doing so, we also do not have any industry-related limits. With a variety of exciting projects, we have already developed virtual highlights and POCs for a variety of industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Health industry
  • Food industry
  • Production
  • Culture and entertainment industry
  • Sports and many other industries.

We are not all-rounders. We just find a solution for just about everything. And because we have no limits, we made it our goal to also break down the boundaries between the digital dimension and our reality, to integrate it more and more into our everyday lives, and to simplify our daily routine in this way. Our location in Munich is as elementary as it is innovative.


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Our offer:

  • Consulting


  • Conception


  • Technical Implementation


  • Roll-Out


Munich is quite big...

Our Munich location in Schwabing-West is just a stone’s throw from Maxvorstadt and another hop from the Old Town or the English Garden. This is where we work on your future:

AR Agentur Munich

svarmony Technologies GmbH
Frei-Otto-Straße 18,
80797 Munich
Tel.: +49 89 411 4714 00

With our other locations in AR Berlin and Vienna, we also work together remotely, in line with our digital philosophy.

We are always looking for new team members who want to make the world a little more spatial. So if you feel like becoming part of the swarm, take a look at our jobs and apply. Don’t be shy!







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