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Out of Berlin Neukölln into a new dimension

You googled “Augmented Reality Agency Berlin” and came across svarmony? Lucky you! You just hit the jackpot! We are way more than a simple AR agency – we are an innovative hybrid of agency and tech studio with locations in Berlin, Munich and Vienna – and always about to change the world.

Whether Augmented Reality or other virtual experiences – Extended Realities are our bread and butter. As one of Europe’s largest and most successful technology providers for boundless XR experiences, we inspire customers worldwide and thus have been awarded the most prestigious prizes such as the iF Design Award or the Red Dot Award. Our key to success? Years of experience and highly specialized know-how.

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Virtual experiences with svarmony

Our international team has been specializing in immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for more than ten years. And constantly expanded its focus.

That’s why we recently started to concentrate on intelligent AR navigation enabling users to reach their destination safely and as easily as possible with the help of AR. So nobody gets lost anymore – not even in the colorful hustle and bustle of Berlin, when Alexanderplatz is once again teeming with tourists or the famous vegetable kebab in Kreuzberg magically attracts hungry Berliners.

As a unique service provider on the market, svarmony covers the entire service chain in the area of XR: from consulting to conception and creation to technical implementation and roll-out. For us, there are no challenges, only visions. And svarmony is the place where visions meet solutions.

Next to our technical product development in Berlin, svarmony covers the entire service chain in the area of XR as a unique service provider on the market:

  • consulting 
  • conception 
  • creation 
  • technical implementation
  • roll-out

Augmented Reality Berlin goes spatial

There are no challenges – only visions. And svarmony is the place where visions meet solutions.

We support companies in staying up-to-date and preparing for a digital future. We don’t want them to get lost in the constant competition for new innovations and, for once, really go higher, faster and better. In doing so, we also know no industry-specific limits: With a variety of exciting projects, we have already developed virtual highlights and POCs for plenty of industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Food industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • Sports and many other industries.

We are proud to count global players such as Porsche, Konica Minolta, Bentley, Carl Zeiss, Nokia, Airbus, Siemens, Vorwerk and Audi among our customers and use our expertise to push them towards the future.

We are not all-rounders. We just find a solution for just about everything. And since we know no limits, we have made it our goal to also tear down the borders between the digital dimension and our reality. We want to integrate it more and more into our day-to-day business and thus simplify our daily lives. Our location in Berlin is as elementary as it is innovative in this progress.

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As we all know, Berlin is quite big...

Our Berlin location in hip Neukölln is just a stone’s throw away from Neu-Tempelhof and another stone’s throw away from Schöneberg or the Brandenburg Gate. Here we’re working on your future:

AR Provider Berlin

svarmony Technologies GmbH
Richardstraße 85,
12043 Berlin
Tel.: +49 89 411 4714 00

In line with our digital philosophy, we work a lot remotely with our other locations in Munich and Vienna. And we are always looking for new team members who want to make the world a little more spatial.

So if you feel like becoming part of the swarm, take a look at our jobs and apply. Don’t be shy!





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