Augmented Reality in the Fashion Industry

Augmented Reality Fashion

Fashion is a statement. To make sure your message reaches the world, we bring it to life.

  • Price

    from 5000€

  • Implementation Period

    2-3 Weeks

Trendsetters take note! The fashion industry is subject to constant change, adapts to society and generations and finds a suitable form for everything and everyone. It is a mouthpiece, a communicator, an expression. It stands for what moves people. So the more we enter the digital age, the more urgent technological change becomes. How can this be reconciled with the fashion industry, some may now ask - quite simply: with Augmented Reality fashion.

This is nothing new for the market: from Blooming Dale to Nike, they have all already done it: bringing an anniversary catalog to life with AR, bringing users closer to the brand and its values with interactive AR mini-games, or moving the shoes as NFTs from the real world directly into the digital one. By now, at the latest, it should be clear to everyone that digital fashion is also becoming part of our wardrobe, if not already.

Do you also have a message that you want to communicate to the whole world with your fashion brand?

Our Idea for your brand:

Step 1: Thanks to smart object recognition, an augmented reality application can easily recognize the motif on the garment via the camera view and thus add an AR component. Completely without link or extra QR code. Just hold the camera on it and off you go!

Step 2: Once the motif or logo has been scanned, the fashion piece is given a good dose of life. Your message 'jumps' out of the garment, the motif comes to life, leaves the fabric and comes to life: That means avatar, lettering, animations and much more.

Next Step: Gamification. Because if fashion is a statement, AR is a means of expression. The possibilities are numerous and only end where creativity reaches its limits. Entertaining interactions, voice-overs, media content, all this and so much more can be integrated.

Augmented Reality Fashion

Your Benefits

  • Brand Awareness

  • Virality and shareability

  • Visibility

  • Marketingpush

  • Attracting new customers to the stores

  • Connection Point with Gen Z

  • Engagement through interaction possibilities

  • Reusability of the content for further AR apps

"You can't escape fashion. Because even when fashion goes out of style, it's fashion again."

-Karl Lagerfeld

Be part of the next fashion trend and start your fashionista adventure in the world of Augmented Reality.

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