Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

Let's go hunting for the most innovative treasure!

  • Price

    from 5000€

  • Implementation Period

    2-3 Weeks

See how it can be done

An Augmented Reality treasure hunt is an entertaining experience in which players use a device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to search for virtual “treasures” hidden in the real world.

That means our real environment is being expanded with digital features, objects and clues imitating real treasure chests. See how it can be done:

Hunting for virtual treasures

Together with SunPlaza Shopping Mall in Bucharest and THIS PLAY, we created an AR application that is a treasure hunt, navigation aid and news portal at the same time.

Visitors could start their digital treasure hunt via their smartphone and collect golden coins that were scattered all over the location. An exchange them afterswards against real discounts!

By incorporating innovative features into the app, SunPlaza has become a real shopping aid: With smart indoor navigation, users can be guided directly to their destination. All they have to do is follow the virtual arrows on the floor. But also the hottest news from the mall, such as events, spontaneous promotions or movie highlights, could be displayed in the app without any problems.


Your Benefits

  • Brand Awareness

  • Virality and shareability

  • Visibility

  • Marketingpush

  • Attracting new customers to the stores

  • Connection Point with Gen Z

  • Engagement through interaction possibilities

  • Reusability of the content for further AR apps

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