Digital event support for Heavy Industry

What is digital event support?

What if we told you that there is a way to make heavy machinery the star of every trade fair – without no transport costs or any efforts on logistics? Size doesn’t matter anymore! With Digital Event support huge and complex machines enter every trade hall by simply visualizing the device in AR. There, all features, designs and the real size can be experienced in the most exciting way and most importantly by an unlimited number of visitors. However, Digital Event Support not only showcases the machines realistically, but also explains functions and supports the exhibitor all day long – time-saving and uncomplicated.

Your Benefits

  • Visualization of multiple products
    or the whole product range

  • Increase of customer reach and
    more brand awareness

  • Selling virtually

  • Product presentation available 24/7

  • New customer experience, where products can be
    discovered by users in the comfort of their home

  • Inclusion of all technical features and details

  • Adaptation to specific markets

  • A highlight at every Event because of an
    unique product presentation

ZEISS AR Metrology App

In 2020 Carl Zeiss was looking for an innovative way to present their measuring devices. A way that would not only catch the attention of potential clients, but also support them while choosing the right size and product for their specific needs. Therefore, svarmony began to develop an Augmented Reality solution, which would unite digital and real dimensions. Aiming to present the highlights of each product, the app should also enable clients to see if they fit into their professional environment before buying it.

As a result, svarmony developed the ZEISS AR Metrology App, an Augmented Reality app, that allows to experience the companies measuring equipment interactively. By downloading the app, the users can place four different products as a virtual 3D model into the real environment. Subsequently, they can discover them from all angles as well as from the inside, thanks to the x-ray mode. Those products can be adjusted in several sizes as well as true to scale. By this, customers develop a feeling for the true scope of the machines and see which size fits best for their plant or factory. The app is usable on all mobile devices and provides additional information, videos, graphics, animations and many more to give a universal overview of the variety of Zeiss’ measuring tools.

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