aryve for RETAIL

Future-Forward Indoor Navigation

aryve for RETAIL is simply the most innovative tool in AR navigation to date.

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With aryve for RETAIL, you can effort­lessly elevate user experiences to a whole new level. For existing and future buyer groups alike. Stop searching, start scouting. We’re presenting you the ultimate shopping experience.


aryve for RETAIL turns any retail space into an entirely new world of experience. Unprece­dented levels of experience and inter­action await. A more intuitive application for an unforgettable user experience.

Why not shop in a targeted manner and use the time gained wisely? Take a break, run other errands, make entirely new discoveries. Perfect orientation when using aryve strengthens customer loyalty and provides incredible impulses for purchase decisions and products.

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Overwhelming Precision

aryve is the only solution on the market that offers navigation without GPS or other hardware such as beacons or Wi-Fi. Our tool guaran­tees a much higher accuracy than other solutions: for inch-precise, convenient A-to-B navi­gation. In out­door navi­gation, aryve is also GPS and hybrid compatible.

A Single-Source Approach

Available out-of-the-box as a branded or white-label solution, the way aryve works is not dependent on any third-party providers. Through server-based, local positioning, aryve guarantees full data control and, in addition, long-term, specific evaluation options in terms of customer flow, real-time reaction on offer, the use of digital coupons, and many more.

Full Service

All you need is peace, love, and svarmony. That’s why you get our product is a stand-alone solu­tion: we offer it along with a sound implemen­tation and custom-fit content creation. Due to the low mainte­nance effort and our close-meshed support, we can offer attractive and trans­parent cost models.

Easy going from step one.

aryve is a powerful tool that remains simple and straight­forward to handle, even at the highest perfor­mance. Faster information exchange, enhanced customer centricity, more beauti­ful details: aryve opens up a whole world of all-new possi­bilities.

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