Departure to Pandora

Say hi to your digital alter ego!

Avatars open up a colorful animated celebration of diversity in the real world. As your virtual ambassadors, avatars lend your brand a distinctive face. They not only impress with their realistic appearance and interaction specifics, they also adapt human characteristics in a fascinating way.

Mood booster included

Avatars can recognize and reproduce different moods. As a result, they always react adequately to their counterparts and prove to be unbeatable all-rounders in marketing, website design, apps and many other areas of application. They’re not only apt to embody brand values and personalities, but can also be used for further education and customer retention purposes.

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Use Cases

  • Marketing

  • Training tool for employees

  • Sales and Advertising

  • Education tool

  • Customer Support

  • Upgrade of Customer Journey

  • Communication tool

  • Onboarding


  • An eye-catcher on the European market
  • Entertaining interaction possibilities
  • Realistic and detailed reactions
  • More customer engagement
  • More brand awareness
  • Easy presentation of your company
  • Great storytelling opportunities
  • Explanations and support for your customers

Your choice!

A personalized avatar not only stands for the greatest possible individuality. AR Avatars can also make the user experience even more comprehensive and impressive with additional exciting functions such as chatbots, 3D surrounds or enganging quizzes.

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