Realistic, responsive and simply personal. avatar knows how to engage and lends your brand a face.

avatar can recognize, reproduce and reciprocate your customers’ emotions. This makes them an unbeatable all-rounder in the areas of marketing, web design and apps, to name just a few examples. avatar can be used just as well for embodying brand values and personalities as for further training and customer loyalty.

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What avatar can do for you and your audience:

  • Makes interaction with your brand more fun and personal
  • Promotes customer engagement and brand awareness
  • Facilitates memorable presentation of your business
  • Provides great storytelling
  • Takes customer support to a new level
  • Offers the greatest possible individuality thanks to personalization
  • Can be configured for any industry and target group
  • Can be expanded with chatbots, 3D environments, interactive quizzes and more

Use cases

  • Marketing

  • Training tool for employees

  • Sales and Advertising

  • Education tool

  • Customer Support

  • Upgrade of Customer Journey

  • Communication tool

  • Onboarding