aryve VPS

Precision meets innovation.

Everything you love about visual positioning systems (VPS) for outdoor use, aryve VPS now brings indoors. And even better: precise LiDAR scans offer unsurpassed accuracy and high-performance computing ensures perfect speed.

Welcome to aryve VPS, your partner for precise indoor navigation.

Our team of over 20 experts has spent two years researching, developing and perfecting a visual positioning system that enables precise and reliable location determination even in complex indoor spaces. So we are proud to be able to offer our customers one of the most advanced systems on the market today.

Intuition meets reliability.

Working on aryve VPS, we know how important clear and easy navigation is. We strive to develop technologies that not only show you the way, but also improve your freedom of movement through accurate tracking and interactive navigation.

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aryve VPS localisation

Discover precision in any corner.
We believe that nobody needs inaccurate positioning systems. That’s why we have perfected aryve VPS so that it can determine the exact location of either yourself or your robot, even in convoluted indoor spaces and without having to rely on GPS. This is achieved by using a camera that actively compares unique environmental details with a predefined map.

aryve VPS Point of Interest

Interactive support.
With aryve VPS Point of Interest, navigation becomes a real experience. Use it in our app or directly in your browser – whether you’re navigating through the hustle and bustle of an airport or exploring the quiet halls of a museum. Our custom augmented reality technology shows you the way right on your screen, offering exciting information and interactive content about your surroundings. Enjoy engaging guided tours all the while protecting your systems from misinformation and failures.

aryve VPS Navigation

More clarity, more efficiency.
Getting lost is now a thing of the past. With aryve VPS and thanks to visual cues, you can see where you need to go directly on your device. Your camera becomes a window to the world and shows you the way clearly and intuitively, step by step. Whether you’re a human or a machine: with aryve, you’ll always reach your destination safely and efficiently. Perfect for new or complex environments – or whenever you simply have no time to lose.

Easy going from step one.

aryve is a powerful tool that remains simple and straightforward to handle, even at the highest performance. Faster information exchange, enhanced customer centricity, more beautiful details: aryve opens up a whole world of all-new possibilities.

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We’re presenting a new dimension of indoor navigation that revolutionizes wayfinding and quality of stay at airports.

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aryve for MUSEUM sets new standards in visitor guidance, reaches new target groups and creates truly unforgettable experiences amid arts and culture.

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We present next-level indoor wayfinding that transforms retail spaces into perfectly designed worlds of experience.

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