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Unlike normal AR providers such as AR advertising companies, AR engineering or AR development companies, svarmony focuses on adding greater value.

As a unique service provider on the market, we represent the entire service chain in the field of AR. We have a great overview of the market situation, future-forward trends and synergies. svarmony specializes in the development of AR-based indoor and outdoor navigation systems as well as the corresponding services and extensive scalable XR solutions. But where is AR being used? And what companies use AR?

What companies use Augmented Reality?

The better question is: What companies are not using AR? Today, AR is more pervasive as ever before.

There are only a few major companies left that have not used AR in some form in recent years. Ikea, Porsche, McDonalds? Have used it. Adidas, Nokia, BBC News, L’oréal Paris? Used it. Long story short: As a highly customizable and versatile technology, Augmented Reality brings many benefits to a variety of industries.

Retail, Fashion or Automotive industry, for example, often integrate AR into their product presentation strategy. Augmented products allow customers to test virtual products, enter digital dressing rooms, place products in their living room, and learn about all the features or the origin of a device before the actual purchase. That means no transportation costs, no wasted resources and most importantly: more satisfied customers.



Augmentes Reality Marketing

On the other hand, manufacturers or production companies profit from AR on a whole new level: With virtual AR trainings, complex or risky processes can be easily explained on a digital model. While practices or methods are being presented step by step, the user can experience the machine in a safe environment, where mistakes are allowed and  the learning process is supported.

But AR trainings go even one step further: As virtual Onboardings, Augmented Reality apps and tools help convey a brands history, values, and future in the most innovative way. It’s an easy way to keep all employees informed about the status quo.


– And, of course, there’s a huge potential for Marketing…

Augmentes Reality Marketing

Has anyone said AR in digital Marketing?

How is Augmented Reality used in Marketing?


Augmented reality is the future of brand communication. Instead of just passively consuming advertisements, AR offers a strong activation effect to interact with digital elements. Brands can thus easily get in touch with their customers, bring products directly into the consumer’s own home, entertain them, and build a relationship.

In addition to virtual product presentations, AR can also upgrade traditional ads – bringing print to life! From ads in daily newspapers, books or magazines, to catalogs, business cards, and brochures, just about any print media can be extended virtually.

Easy said? AR adds a new dimension to print products and makes them even more entertaining.

Just think about the huge number of customer engagement a QR code leading to an AR ad printed on a billboard might trigger… 

And yes, we all have been there before – AR filters! Filters are often not recognized as Augmented Reality, but nevertheless, they expand our reality. Or let’s say, our faces. However, they are a proven Marketing concept rising customer engagement as well as brand awareness. Easy, quick and innovative.

Augmented Reality Porsche

That’s just a small overview on how AR can change industries.

We’re spatial. And always ready to help you become spatial, too.


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Augmented Reality Placement

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