70% of all Americans aren’t sure what AR is

Yet, studies have shown that about 1/7 of the world’s population are already using Augmented Reality, some even on a daily basis. How can that be?

Well, it looks like most people don’t even know that they are using Augmented Reality when they are actually using it. Especially Social Media platforms as Snapchat or TikTok have integrated extremely popular AR features people are using day per day. But how many of them really know, what kind of technology they are facing while putting on a wacky dog filter? Education gap spotted! We are going to close it. Here come some facts on how AR is being used and why people use it in our modern world.

Making Life easier since Day 1

If Augmented Reality has to be described in three words it would be: innovative, entertaining and supportive. And indeed, studies show that about 57% of people tend to use AR to simplify their daily lives. While working, while shopping, while learning – Augmented Reality has the ability to support in a lot of fields, no matter if it’s for a single person or a whole company.

Personal reasons to use Augmented Reality

In the study done by Splendid Research gmbh, participants were to choose all the reasons why they (would) use AR. Next to being a true simplifier in daily lives, we can see: AR makes curious! While curiosity took in the 5th place with about 50%, 56% said they use AR because they are interested in new technologies and 51 % enjoy to discover new, virtual worlds.

But AR plays even a bigger role, then most people would assume. A role, highly relevant for companies and industries: About 54% of all asked participants answered, they use AR to gain more information about products they are interested in or would like to purchase. Additional 28% indicated to use AR when there is no salesperson to consult them. By this, AR does not only become a huge part of customer support, but also moves real life consultation into a digital dimension.

Work hard, play hard

AR opportunities reach from Marketing to Games, know hardly limits and are already being used in multiple industries such as manufacturing, health care, retail, education and many more. Just as each industry has its own challenges, AR manages to flexibly adapt to all of them, finding the best virtual solution for each task: By this, people may place new furniture into their living room without owning them, try on new clothes before ordering them or even modify their dream car before buying it. But what benefits does AR bring to work itself? A survey by Perkins Coie done in the US has shown that Extended Realities can affect, and above all, improve people’s way of working.


Top benefits of AR at work


About 72% of all asked people said XR technologies support collaboration in teams, especially with remote colleagues. While this includes virtual workspaces and sounds more of Virtual Reality, AR is the perfect tool to bring everyone to the same level of knowledge. Physical Onboardings, Trainings or paper documents become completely unnecessary, if everything can be shared virtually. A true team player!

Let’s take a glance to the second most voted aspect: Efficiency. Teams can communicate and collaborate more efficiently without needing to be physically present. It’s no secret, that in a world full of media content, we tend to react more to visual contents than simple texts. By expanding our environment with additional visual information, people learn quicker – and work flows become way more efficient. By this, it’s no wonder that AR enables whole new business models (68%) and opportunities for Marketing (61%).

6/7 left 

To be honest, this article could be never ending. There are thousands of studies showing how immersive technologies upgrade our personal and business life. And as we saw: About 1/7 of the world’s population are already using the benefits of immersive technologies. That makes 6/7 left to convince (or to make them realize, they are already using it). Challenge accepted.