AR Visualizer

How to create the perfect product experience?

Show what you got!

With this solution, product designs, features, scale, style and functionality of any object are realistically visualized in real-world locations in an immersive way. By effectively explaining functions and complex features not obvious at first glance, it also helps customers in making decisions. Essentially, using the AR Visualizer means you don’t need to have your entire inventory on-site or display every single configuration. Your showroom can be smaller, saving you time and resources on logistics. Just do it the AR way and create a brand new and stunning experience for everybody!

Size never matters

No matter the scale of your products, your inventory location or product portfolio – AR Visualizer will generate an emotional connection between your customers and your brand through perfectly authentic product showcases.

AR Visualizer is a future-forward solution to create an experience perfectly tailored for your clients and products.

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Use cases

  • Visualization of automotive industry models

  • Medical and healthcare products

  • Home appliances

  • Heavy machinery industry

  • Furniture and interior design

  • Construction industry products


Visualisation and Configuration


  • Visualises objects in store, at home and at events with one solution. Even products that haven’t been produced yet.
  • Gives customers a better concept of scale and style of products in a real-world setting as well as how they will satisfy their individual needs.
  • Reduces inventory costs by demonstrating every possible variation of all your products. Combines and configures all materials and accessories.
  • Comprehensively displays entire product portfolios in real spaces and seamlessly extends to include other portfolios.



  • Creates clarity for customers by enhancing decision making as every variation and configuration of your product can be shown.
  • Describes complex topics beyond the virtual object. Features typically hidden in reality are shown and explained. Customers can experience any and all functionalities in virtual environments.

Sales and Marketing


  • Boosts brand engagement as a new touchpoint and marketing channel, increasing the connection between your brand and customers, or reaching entirely new target markets.
  • Easily scalable, customisable and integrated into new product promotions.
  • Fits neatly into differentiation-based or innovation-based marketing strategies.
  • Improves productivity by reducing sales cycle. Useful in sales training and easily integrated into sales pipeline and customer support.

Your Opportunities

  • Realistic 3D visualization
  • Integration of CAD and BIM content
  • Color or material configuration
  • Accessory configurator
  • Modules configurator
  • Image recognition
  • 3D content, static or animated
  • Overlaid explanatory information, static or animated
  • Graphic interactive visualization
  • Data visualization
  • Exploded-view visualization
  • X-ray view
  • Hotspots and triggers
  • Analytics
  • Browser based visualization possible – no download or installation needed
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