aryve for AIRPORT

Future-Forward Indoor Navigation

aryve for airports

Precise, steady, and secure. aryve for AIRPORT represents a new dimension of indoor navigation that revolutionizes AR experiences such as wayfinding and quality of stay at airports.

Goal setting redefined: aryve for AIRPORT turns any airport into a place-to-be.

and Reliable

Our perfectly independent AR-based, visual indoor navigation technology aryve for AIRPORT not only offers visitors and travellers an intuitive and interactive orientation aid, but also sets new standards in the area of customer experience.

Stop Searching, Start Scouting

Using virtual showrooms and pop-up stores that can be placed along the most popular and frequented walking routes, our AR-based indoor navigation aryve creates purchase incentives and improves the quality of stay.

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Perfectly Precise

aryve is the only solution on the market today that offers navigation without GPS or any external hardware such as beacons or wi-fi. Our tool guarantees a much higher accuracy than other solutions. We offer inch-precise, perfectly comfortable point-to-point navigation. Used in the outdoors, aryve is both GPS and hybrid compatible.

A Single-Source Approach

Showcasing out-of-the-box functionality at its best, aryve is available as an individually branded or white-label solution and works independent of third-party providers. Through server-based, local positioning, aryve guarantees full data control as well as specific and long-term evaluation options regarding innovative factors such as customer flow, real-time response on offer, or the use of digital coupons.

A Full-Service Partner

All you need is peace, love, and svarmony. And that’s precisely why we offer our customers a single-source approach: product, implementation, and content creation. Due to the low maintenance effort and our close-meshed support, we can offer attractive and maximally transparent budget models.

Tech It Easy

aryve is a powerful tool that remains simple and straightforward to use, even at the highest levels of performance. Faster information exchange, stronger customer centricity, more beautiful details. aryve opens up a world of completely new possibilities for customers.

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