O’zapft is!

After a two-year break, the time has come again: The Oktoberfest in Munich has begun! This also means that many people from all over the world gather in the Bavarian capital to celebrate together. But getting together is usually not so easy. What is the fastest way to get from the train station to the Oktoberfest? Where can I find the beer tent where my friends are already celebrating? Efficient navigation is the key. The Oktoberfest is not the only place where many people come together. Whether it’s fairs, sporting events, concerts or even festivals – one thing is always guaranteed: Everyone wants to get from A to B quickly and safely. Large maps with long legends or vast numbers of signs with the most diverse symbols are currently the ultimate here.

Why not take the easy way and just use a device that everyone has with them anyway?  

Exactly, the smartphone! Thanks to intelligent AR navigation, it is possible to find the way to the next beer tent or the selected booth without having to scroll through a large map. The way to the stage of your favorite act is simply indicated with virtual arrows on the ground. Your destination becomes infallible. Getting lost is a thing of the past – and all that without GPS.

GPS is overrated, says aryve

aryve is an indoor outdoor navigation assistant. This means you can navigate both indoors and outdoors without needing GPS. Why is this better than GPS? GPS is very inaccurate, especially indoors, and cannot show where we are to the nearest meter. AR Navigation, on the other hand, shows our exact location, and can even show us the way to our next destination. aryve is thus the only current solution on the market that offers navigation without GPS or other hardware (beacons, WLAN, etc.) and also provides a much higher accuracy of a few centimeters. Furthermore, with aryve, localization data can be stored in the cloud as well as on local servers, which means 100% control over the respective building data. Likewise, user data can be recorded, which brings long-term and specific evaluation possibilities. It is then possible, for example, to display customer flows or to integrate real-time reactions.

Finding your seat made easy!

Navigation at large events will therefore be even easier in the future. But what might that look like? Here are a few examples: Whether at concerts, sporting events or galas, people usually spend the time before an event starts looking for their seat. AR Navigation makes this easier, too. By entering the seat number, the smartphone guides you directly to the right seat. This saves standing around and wandering through the area, and there may even be time for a tasty cold drink – which of course is also easy to find thanks to intelligent AR Navigation. But that’s not all. An AR navigation app can also be interactive: By connecting with our friends or colleagues in the app, we can see where they are sitting. This gives us the opportunity to drop by during the break and say hello – and of course toast together.

  AR Navigation Friends

Safety first

However, emergency situations in particular show us how important it is to get to the destination quickly and easily. Especially at large events with thousands of people, it is of utmost importance to know where the nearest emergency exits are and how to get there the fastest. With an AR navigation app, visitors can already be aware of where the nearest emergency exits are while navigating to their seats, or in case of an emergency, they can take a quick look at their smartphones. After all, as exciting and thrilling as events may be, at the end of the day we all want to get home safely.

The way is the goal

AR Navigation can do much more than just show you the way. You want to display various information about the venue, know how to get to the parking spaces the fastest, or play a little mini-game that turns going to the toilet into an adventure? No problem with Augmented Reality navigation. Or how about collecting coupons for discounted drinks while walking to the bar? Augmented Reality makes all this and much more a reality.


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With AR navigation and the CMS in the background, entertaining and interactive product experiences are possible. For example, objects, monuments or images that you encounter on your way can be enhanced with 3D elements, explanatory videos or avatars that provide exciting information about the various stations.

Where is … ?

The merch stand, the parking lot, the cab stand, the restrooms, the bar, my seat, the medic tent, the cafeteria, the conference room. Can you think of any more? Writing everything down would probably go beyond the scope, but you see the possibilities are endless. Find everything you need for your event visit with just one click and let aryve take you where you want to go without thinking.

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