What is ARKit?

ARKit is Apple’s Augmented Reality (AR) development platform for iOS mobile devices.

Let’s have a look at what can be done with ARKit:

ARKit helps developers produce the greatest AR experiences for iPad and iPhone. It was introduced with iOS version 11 and has become more advanced ever since. ARKit allows physical spaces to be enriched with digital contents and then shared with the world.

Stable AR tracking
AR apps that use ARkit usually have more stable AR tracking and more detailed content than the apps on the iOS platform becaus Apple’s ARKit software makes optimal use of the underlying Apple hardware.

ARKit can also be used to interpret real-time facial expressions and use that data to create virtual 3D characters. Apple fans certainly know what we’re talking about.

Accelerometers and gyroscope
ARKit can do even more: the iOS camera maps out the immediate vicinity as the device moves through space. By cleverly combining information from the motion sensors and camera images a very accurate 3D map of the environment can be created.

Environmental tracking
The position of the user in space can always be mapped thereby creating a basis for very stable AR experiences. Apple’s ARKit makes smart choices in selecting relevant map data saving memory.

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