What does 'spatial' mean?

Nope, it’s not about the universe, not about storage. The spatial we’re talking about comes from the idea of the Spatial Web – the web 3.0, where the physical and digital world melt together.

The internet we are currently experiencing is flat. We stare at monitors, smartphones and at screens, screens and even more screens. What the spatial web does, is adding a new dimension. It makes our digital experiences three-dimensional, projects information and ideas into the world around us, makes them tangible, gives them a shape.  

Spatial means breaking down borders between our current reality and the digital dimension. And that’s what we’re doing with immersive XR technologies. Creating a world where those two blend together and transform literally every aspect of our daily lives – how we live, work, interact, consume, and communicate. We’re making reality digital.  

It’s our spatiality, you might say.  

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