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The Instigation


May we introduce? Brand ambassador ‘Ben’.

The vehicle manufacturer MAN has successfully conducted its marketing campaigns featuring its ambassador “Ben” but beginning in 2020 it was time for Ben to take the leading role in an extraordinary augmented reality experience to present the new TGX truck with all its stunning features.

In order for this to become a marketing success, a webAR app had to be developed that is easily accessible for everyone with a mobile device.

With focus on the interior of the truck, we planned several impressive features to highlight the compelling options  in the driver’s cabin – all presented by ‘Ben’.

The Conclusion

‚Ben‘ the Host

The MAN TGX webAR app brings together the best of the AR world: avatars, web-based Augmented Reality and a deep dive into a completely new, breathtaking world.

The webAR app supplements the information printed in the TGX 2020 brochure as an entertaining tutorial. After a warm welcome by ‘Ben’, the avatar slips into the role of a virtual guide who clearly explains the details, special features and the whole interior of the truck. Numerous functions and improvements in the driver’s cab can be individually explored in the browser without having to download an app beforehand. This increases the already high practical value and makes the development an exciting and educational experience for every MAN and woman.