The big Game Changer

Those who want to stand out at trade shows these days have to come up with more than just handing out pretty flyers or having funny mascots dancing around their booths. It’s all about efficiency, product presentation and innovation – and, of course, being in the spotlight. Sounds suspiciously like a case for Augmented Reality, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for a real eye-catcher for the next trade fair, you definitely can’t go wrong with AR. Especially not if your focus is all about functionality, because the immersive technology can not only spice up a trade fair in an entertaining way, but also support the exhibitors in the most clever way.

Everything at a glance – Glances into everything

At trade fairs, exhibitors often have to limit themselves, because stand size and space are often predetermined. What else can you do but exhibit only the most important or the latest product? With an Augmented Reality app at the booth, this scenario is no longer worth the word “challenge”: Exhibitors can always have their entire product range with them and show visitors one product or another as they wish. With just a few clicks on the smartphone, a variety of products can be presented or even tried out. Thus, the booth is not any longer just a stand at a trade fair, becomes a stage for the whole product line and all its details. The booth is not any longer about one specific product, but enables to switch between different product depending on the visitor you want to impress. A real shapeshifter!

Trade fair visitors = Independence

It gets particularly exciting when it comes to explaining certain features. Sounds boring, but thanks to AR it’s not! Processes of all kinds can be easliy visualized, showing how products work and what effect they have on their surroundings. But it gets even better: Augmented Reality can be used to look inside products. The magic word? Virtual X-ray view: since technical inner workings of products are impossible to see from the outside, Augmented Reality makes it possible to look inside the devices using virtual X-ray vision and by that, adding a visual, normally hidden level to the product. Processes are thus not only visualized, but also explained directly in the simplest possible way. Practically, the product explains it self. By this, technical details become visible, and a sales representative at the booth is not necessarily required. The manufacturer of household and commercial appliances Miele, for example, already brought a considerable portion of innovation to the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in 2016:


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Miele Blizzard CX1 from svarmony on Vimeo.

While the physical vacuum cleaner was exhibited on a table, the experience was virtually expanded by means of a tablet. Color changes, X-ray vision, even video and multimedia content were integrated into the Miele Blizzard CX1 AR app, thus presenting the product in all its diversity. Here you’ll find more info about the Miele Blizzard CX1 AR App.

Setting Limits is Yesterday’s News

But even large or particularly bulky products can still find their way to the trade show. No door is too small anymore when the product simply lands virtually at the booth. No product is any longer too heavy to transport from A to B when all that is needed is a smartphone. Commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN, for example, simply brought its then-new CitE truck to the IAA virtually:


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MAN CitE AR from svarmony on Vimeo.

The interactive app makes it possible to place a 3D model of the CitE wherever and whenever desired in the given space. It inspires with playful and informative features such as the virtual X-ray view or the all-encompassing bird’s eye view. Most importantly, it accurately represents both the interior and exterior and couldn’t make it easier for trade show visitors to become part of the product experience. Read more about the MAN CitE AR here.

When the trade fair comes to you …

However, this project was driven much more by the desire not only to make the vehicle available to the limited number of visitors at the IAA, but also to include every truck fan into the product experience – even at home: Experience the CitE up close without having to get up from the couch. That’s the dream the CitE AR app made come true. Anyone with a mobile device could place the CitE in their own home or garage driveway – without having to buy an IAA ticket.

Organizers also get a piece of the pie

The trade fair itself cannot be excluded from the extensive possibilities of an AR app: How about a smart AR navigation that guides visitors to the respective areas or to a booth of their choice? Or an interactive scavenger hunt with exciting and informative stations that turn a trade fair experience into a little adventure? Augmented Reality combines entertainment with information and educates further, while never neglecting the fun factor. The ability to virtually expand our reality without having to enter new worlds or resort to high-tech equipment offers the best prerequisite for upgrading trade fairs and any other events. Next level, so to speak!

Are you ready to upgrade?