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The Instigation


Special products like the new CitE Concept Truck from MAN require a special marketing strategy. Since the truck was to be exhibited for the first time at the IAA 2018, MAN wanted an idea of how it could be made accessible to the entire public and not just to a small number of chosen visitors.

This need was met by the limitless possibilities of AR.

A virtual customer experience was the solution inviting everyone at the IAA and outside the spectacular event to experience the CitE Concept Truck up close.

The Conclusion

The Life of a Trucker

Whether near the truck or miles away, the MAN CitE AR app brings the unique concept truck directly to the customers’ smartphones. In all its diversity! By selecting interesting features the app clearly focuses on the aesthetics and functionality of the vehicle’s exterior and interior and leaves no questions about it unanswered.

The interactive app makes it possible to place a 3D model of the CitE into the real-life environment where and when wanted. It compels viewing with playful and informative functions such as the virtual X-ray view or the all-encompassing birdseye view. To support MAN longterm in securing its role in the digital market an innovative app Analytics Tool was implemented that greatly simplifies the evaluation of marketing data.