The Capital "R" – wait, what?!

Augmented reality is becoming more and more complex. How good for you that we know all about it! There is literally (or naturally) no perfect distinction between VR, AR, MR and XR – but that’s why we there’s us. We’re experts in the field of the capital R, so let us tell you all about it. Here comes a brief wrap-up, but feel free to take a deep-dive into our favourite topic with just a couple of scroll-downs.

Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, Extended? All of these terms refer to immersive technologies that combine digital and physical worlds in different ways. VR is a fully immersive virtual experience, while AR initially overlays the real world with digital content. XR. On the other hand, “Augmented Reality” has become an umbrella term for all and any immersive technologies today. MR is the latest of these concepts and combines real and virtual environments for simultaneous interaction.

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What is Augmented Reality?