What are the challenges to make Augmented Reality suitable for everyday use?

There are a few:

First of all affordability: a solution that is within reach anywhere and anytime for the widest possible target group must be affordable or even free.

It’s about the tension between independence and collaboration: the user expects autonomous operation of the AR application and flawless collaboration with other applications at the same time.

On top of that: real-time tracking is the key requirement of an AR system. Image recognition should run smoothly without glitches.

It’s all about skillful structure: users expect practical benefits that work easily and are well designed. User experience is key.

Because deep down we all can be a bit lazy sometimes: the system should be easy to use for the average consumer, otherwise it wouldn’t simplify our daily lives. So software such as apps and hardware such as smartphones must be accessible.

Finally – innovation is perhaps the most significant. It is important to continuously invest time and energy in developing new solutions or prototypes. That is exactly what we do, always with passion and heart.

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