Carl Zeiss Diary webAR

The Instigation


Once a year Carl ZEISS publishes an exclusive calendar for its employees and partners.

This year, however, it was not to remain just a simple print product. With the purpose of infusing more visionary spirit into its digital presence, the company wanted an Augmented Reality tool that would combine the print dimension of the calendar with the virtual world. Therefore, we developed an application that can be easily used via any browser and doesn’t need to be downloaded initially. This web experiences should not only inform employees about product releases, events and announcements, but also enables them to interact with the calendar for the first time.


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The Conclusion

Meet 'Jay'!

The best of both worlds: With the ZEISS Diary webAR, employees and customers enjoy the best of both worlds as they explore their calendars for the very first time on a digital and analogue level either online or offline.

QR codes printed in the calendar can be scanned with the smartphone camera and lead users into their digital adventure. The highlight of the web-based Augmented Reality experience, however, is the animated 3D avatar of the real brand ambassador ‘Jay’. He introduces the app, gives insight into the world of measurement technology, informs about releases or events and even takes a quiz with the users in three different languages, so that all ZEISS employees around the world can take part.